But the school says they will add a new “throughlane”, won’t that help traffic?

The so-called ‘improvements’ to Coldwater are only right in front of the proposed garage — and they only attempt to OFFSET all the negative impacts from the project in the first place. The new Southbound turn lane would be minimal compared to how many cars need to use it (which will cause back up closer to Ventura)… and the lane of Northbound traffic waiting to turn LEFT into the garage would need to cross the already congested Southbound traffic.

Two lanes merging back into one just South of the garage only creates a bottleneck a few yards later, and a new merge will create another opportunity for congestion. So there is no new throughlane miraculously helping Coldwater Canyon traffic flow.

The Brohard & Associates Traffic Impact report challenges many other unsubstantiated assertions by the school about the supposed traffic benefits of this parking expansion plan.

Coldwater traffic is bad enough! Either the garage will sit empty (and therefore isn’t needed), or MORE CARS will come to fill these new parking spaces.