Isn’t there a need for parking?

The school already has 30% more parking than the law requires.   The school currently has far less carpooling than other private schools in residential neighborhoods and no mandatory restrictions. Yet they “need” to increase their parking spaces by almost 200%?

Even if they do not make the environmentally-responsible choice to increase carpooling to solve their alleged need, the school’s suggested need is exaggerated. The school’s own numbers suggest they “need” 265 spaces for staff and 400 for student drivers.  That’s 665.  They have 568 spaces already.   That’s only an 87-space shortfall, yet they are asking for a total of 1085 spaces. They have not proven the need for such an extreme increase in parking spaces.

Until 2013 when this garage was proposed, the school argued numerous times to the City (since 1992) that they have “ample” parking to meet their needs. Other LA schools in residential hillside communities have mandatory carpooling and busing in much higher numbers, and use nearby shuttles during special events — LOWERING their carbon footprint.

Harvard-Westlake should be a leader in environmental stewardship and work with the community to minimize its impact on the environment and nearby residences.