Does less than pristine land need protecting?

Even disturbed land, if designated “desirable open space,” deserves extra protection. This land is zoned minimal and low residential — any school use must be compatible with the land use, not an out-of-scale parking garage that needs retaining walls THREE TIMES as tall as allowed, and excavation of the hillside 85 TIMES as much as allowed in a hillside!

The “heavily vegetated” land (Draft Environmental Impact Report, p. 3.5-3) is directly adjacent to Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy land, and the project site is part of the known wildlife corridor that runs East of the 405 through the Santa Monica Mountains.

The Hillside Federation and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy saw the importance of protecting this open green space from urbanization and both voted unanimously to OPPOSE such a massive development on the West side of Coldwater Canyon.

Read the Hillside Federation letter of opposition.

Read the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy letter of opposition.