Is this hillside safe to develop?

Wilson Geosciences, Wexco Engineering, and other professionals prepared expert reports detailing numerous SAFETY CONCERNS with the project:

1) Massive retaining walls — far in excess of legal limits — and the inadequacies of the proposed “soil nails for the walls, making it likely that the walls will fail over time”.

2) The proposed private bridge over Coldwater Canyon is “likely to fail” in a moderate to large earthquake given the different types of soil on each side of Coldwater Canyon. (Wilson Geosciences Report, Nov. 2013)

3) Other homeowners on Potosi Ave were denied permits due to concerns of hillside stability in this area.

4) Valley Fever spores are likely present in the hillside — this staggering amount of excavation could unleash harmful spores and other pathogens. Spores of the fungus coccidioides are prevalent in So. California, spread far distances when dirt is disturbed, and can result in serious illness, especially in immune-compromised people, young children, and the elderly. The school plans to excavate and remove 400 million pounds of dirt over an 8-month period. A thorough investigation needs to be done throughout the site before any project is approved.