What about student safety? And won’t this get parking off neighborhood streets?

The school strongly discourages students parking in the neighborhood and there are only a few big events each year that create overflow into the neighborhood.  Although there are some neighbors who don’t want students parking in their neighborhood, what the majority of the community overwhelming doesn’t want is a massive new parking garage across Coldwater!  More modest parking increases on the existing campus footprint are possible, but have so far been rejected by the school.

A mandatory increase in carpooling/busing would eliminate any need for residential parking for all but the biggest events.  (Even a new giant garage wouldn’t stop occasional parking in the neighborhood — the school says that even WITH the giant new garage they would still have residential parking overflow during their biggest events).

Regarding safety, Coldwater is no more dangerous than any other main roadway to park or walk in LA — arguably safer than many roadways because the street is wider right by the campus. If the school were really worried about students safely walking along Coldwater, why haven’t they brought up this concern in the decades prior to the proposed project?

The WEXCO Safety Report found that moving students across the canyon roadway to the West side INCREASES their risk of injury or death from jaywalking.  This risk from running across the roadway increases at night (particularly after a crowded game with 100s of people all waiting to use the proposed pedestrian bridge). Keeping the students all safely on the EAST side of the canyon road should be the school’s priority.

There are also concerns that the proposed bridge across Coldwater is “likely to fail” in a moderate to large earthquake, given the different types of soil on each side of Coldwater Canyon. No matter what assurances the school’s engineers make, if an earthquake like the Northridge quake happens, students, faculty and staff could be in danger, and the collapsed bridge would block a major artery for emergency vehicles into and out of the canyon.