Save Coldwater Canyon

Open Space Land on Coldwater Canyon Saved!

Save Coldwater Canyon stopped the destruction of the West side of Coldwater Canyon from development by the Harvard-Westlake school. In November 2017, the school announced that it put its plans to build a garage, field and bridge on Coldwater “on hold” “indefinitely”. It said it plans instead to seek additional parking on the East side on the existing campus and has purchased the Weddington Golf and Tennis club for expanding its recreational purposes.

We are very thankful that the school recognized the overwhelming opposition to this former project, and we are working in conjunction with Studio City Residents Association and Save LA River Open Space to make sure the proposed Weddington development triggers a comprehensive Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for the Upper School campus, preserves the LA River walkway, maximizes open space land, and minimizes the negative impacts to the environment and the surrounding community.

Santa Monica Mountains under assault from a southern shift in the BUR airport flight path

Jet over Santa Monica

Hundreds of jets now fly at very low altitudes over very high fire hazard severity zones

Please visit and for more information and how you can help STOP this environmentally destructive jet highway.

New Ways to Save Coldwater Canyon And Neighboring Communities

Protecting LA Wildlife

The Santa Monica Mountains are home to rare and diverse species of wildlife – many sensitive, threatened, and declining. We support the efforts of Citizens for LA Wildlife (CLAW) to protect mountain lions and other large mammals, whose habitats are reduced and fragmented by encroaching development and ever-increasing building density in our mountain range

Hotel Project Threatens Benedict Canyon and Zoning in the Santa Monica Mountains

The developer is proposing a 99-room hotel, plus parking for 708 cars, with 80 foot maximum building heights, multiple subterranean parking structures, and over a mile of cement retaining walls right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. This proposed hotel and zoning change is the biggest threat to the Santa Monica Mountains in 100 years.
If the city council allows this unprecedented change, it would impact everyone who lives north of Sunset and south of Ventura — from Los Feliz to the Pacific Palisades.

For more information on how you can help stop this project, please visit: