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Save Coldwater Canyon! Inc is a neighborhood group fighting to preserve and protect the scenic beauty, natural environment, health, safety and welfare of Coldwater Canyon and its neighboring communities.  We are a California nonprofit public benefit corporation.

Our projects and concerns include: working to create a wildlife corridor in the Santa Monica Mountains of Coldwater Canyon, protecting Coldwater Canyon’s open spaces, reducing traffic and pollution in the Canyon, and ensuring the safety, quality of life and enjoyment of the Canyon’s hillside residents.

In addition to opposing to the Harvard-Westlake upper school’s parking expansion project, please support our other work which furthers our mission statement:


Save Coldwater Canyon (SCC) supports the construction of a Wildlife Corridor at Liberty Canyon in Agoura Hills.  SCC’s mission to protect and preserve the Coldwater Canyon area of the Santa Monica Mountains is aligned with the mission of this proposed wildlife crossing — we believe wildlife corridors must be protected, and whenever possible enhanced, for maximum connection of habitats that will allow large land mammals (particularly endangered ones) to hunt and breed.

US-101 is a barrier to wildlife that historically traveled between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Simi Hills, ultimately connecting the Santa Monica Mountains to the Sierra Madre mountain range.  Without a safe and sustainable wildlife crossing, movement between these remaining areas of natural habitat would continue to be severely restricted.  We believe the right-of-way request serves the public good and is in the interest of important environmental protections.


Weddington Golf & Tennis: 16 acres of open space in Studio City along the LA River is currently threatened by plans for a development of a 200-condo complex. Please join the fight to help save this important open space land in Studio City! http://savelariveropenspace.org/


For the first time in nearly fifty years, the City of Los Angeles is undertaking a comprehensive update to its guiding vision, the General Plan. This initiative, OurLA2040, will result in a new 20-year citywide plan to be adopted in 2020, putting into place a new General Plan for Los Angeles.

SCC believes community involvement is critical to showing our City planners the importance of issues that further our mission statement: Open Space Land, Protecting our Urban Forest/Tree Canopy, Environment and Resilience, Sustainability. SCC strives to keep you informed on ways to help make sure the new General Plan preserves open space land and guarantees continuing hillside protections throughout Los Angeles!



The Santa Monica Mountains are home to many diverse species of wildlife – many sensitive, threatened, and declining. SCC is working to protect those species in Coldwater Canyon (such as the Rufous Hummingbird, the Cooper’s Hawk, the Nuttall Woodpecker). We also support the efforts of Citizens for LA Wildlife (CLAW) to protect P22 and other large mammals, whose habitats are reduced and fragmented by encroaching development and ever-increasing building density in our mountain range. Protecting wildlife corridors and encouraging the connection of large blocks of open space land is an important step to ensuring wildlife can continue to hunt, breed, and thrive in the urban landscape that we all share.



Board of Directors

Sarah Boyd
Alex Izbicki
Jeffrey Jacobs
Dominik Leconte
Heidi MacKay
Janine Milne
Suellen Wagner

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Save Coldwater Canyon! Inc.

12400 Ventura Blvd. #775

Studio City, CA 91604